Nov 1202

Austin Police tell LGBTQ Youth, “It Gets Better”

Back in February, we wrote a post entitled “It’s Okay to be Gay in Law Enforcement,” which highlighted a few forward-leaning departments and outspoken individual officers.

To follow up on that post, just last month the Austin Police Department and the Austin Lesbian & Gay Peace Officers Association produced this video as part of the It Gets Better Project.  The video features LGBT officers and civilians from the Austin Police Department and sends a message to LGBTQ youth that it does get better. The It Gets Better Project ( and The Trevor Project ( to reach out to LGBTQ youth who may be struggling due to bullying, harassment, and non-acceptance, and who may be thinking of committing suicide.

The message can be extended to members of the LGBTQ community who are considering careers in law enforcement — it does get better and there’s a community of people who’ve paved the way to support you. The Lesbian & Gay Peace Officer’s Association – Austin (LGPOA – Austin) is a Texas non-profit organization which supports LGBT sworn, civilian, and retired members of the Austin Police Department by providing a voice for equality and breaking negative stereotypes through education.  There are similar support groups across the country – and their numbers are growing.  Read more about the value and importance of diversity in law enforcement on our website,

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