Mar 1030

Welcome to Inside Discover Policing


Greetings! Welcome to Inside Discover Policing and our very first blog entry.

You may be wondering, why a blog?  With our website, Facebook fan page, Twitter account, and YouTube Channel, aren’t we covering the world of law enforcement recruitment pretty well?

Sure we are, but here’s why a blog make sense:

For us, a blog provides a unique platform where we can connect with folks interested in law enforcement careers on a completely new level.  Here, we can offer more personal perspectives and direct insight into the profession of law enforcement.  A blog also allows us to be more responsive and creative with our message than we can be within the confines of a website or a 140 character tweet.

So what can you expect from Inside Discover Policing?  Much of the content will be driven by you and will be in direct response to inquiries we receive.  We’ll also use the blog to react to police recruitment-related news we read and events we attend.  Through our staff and guest contributors, we’ll touch on topical areas of interest in law enforcement and police recruitment and hiring.  Finally, we reserve the right to drift off topic at times, and make some posts “just for fun.”

A key element to making this blog successful is you.  Whether you’re a jobseeker, a hiring agency, or a law enforcement supporter, we hope you’ll subscribe and accept our invitation to come Inside Discover Policing.

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